Экоферма «Нестеровых» предлагает:
Деревянные современные дома оборудованы печью, бойлером и санузлом. В каждом доме есть мебель, кухня с посудой, постельное белье.
Отдых на ферме
Экологически чистая и тихая зона. Территория фермы находится в зоне лесных массивов недалеко от места соединения двух рек. Вокруг лес, луга и поля.
Оздоровительные практики
Для занятий спортом, боевыми практиками, йогой построен спортивный зал и обрудованы открытые площадки. Обеспечен прокат инвентаря.
Для гостей мы готовим здоровую еду, из продуктов, которые выращиваем и производим сами. На ферме есть трапезная и оборудованная кухня
Туристические места
Экоферма «Нестеровых» расположена вблизи известных туристических мест. Остановившись у нас, вы сможете побывать во многих знаменитых городах Золотого Кольца
Русские праздники
Мы знаем и чтим традиции проведения русских народных праздников. Устраиваем веселые гуляния с угощением, песнями и театральными представлениями.
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About the farm

About the farm

The Eco-Village «Nesterov» is a single environmental and economic complex, built on the basis of the existing of the Petrakovo village which is a picturesque corner of the Tver area. The complex includes:

Our team

  • Ecological farm. Equipped cattle breeding complex for keeping cows, sheep, goats, poultry. The complex includes a dairy.
  • Agricultural cultivated land;
  • Free standing sports hall;
  • Comfortable guest cottages of modern type;
  • Separate standing refectory;
  • Russian Banya;
  • Pond in the farm with fish: crucian carp, rudd.

The Eco-Village was founded by the Nesterov family in 2014. The goal of creating this complex was the promotion of environmental ideas and the provision of conditions for a healthy lifestyle and a good rest away from the city's hustle and bustle.

Pavel Nesterov is a successful businessman, the founder of the Moscow design studio. Adheres to the ideas of the material and spiritual, physical and intellectual component of the life of modern man. Actively engaged in sports, oriental practices: yoga, qigong, wushu. He studies and develops "live" cheese making and preservation of useful properties of dairy products in the process of processing.

Anastasia Nesterova is a talented landscape designer with many years of experience in creating gardens and ecosystems. Has a wide range of knowledge in the selection and medicinal properties of plants, agronomy and livestock.

The place for the Eco-Village was selected according to several parameters:

  • It is an ecologically clean and quiet zone.
  • The territory of the farm is located in a forest zone near the place of the Gorodni river in the Medveditsa river. The forest is interspersed here with floodplain meadows and agricultural lands.

Geographically, the farm is located near such tourist places as Kashin (66 km), Kalyazin (87 km), Tver (90 km), Konakovo (120 km), Uglich (140 km), Torzhok (160 km), Myshkin (180 km) km) km), Rostov the Great, Vyshny Volochek and Pereslavl-Zalessky (220 km).

The infrastructure of the Eco-Village provides the conditions for practicing various sports and practices, conducting field seminars, family and corporate recreation. For this purpose, well-equipped cottages, a sports hall were built and an animal breeding complex consisting of specially imported valuable dairy breeds from Europe was created. All stages of living milk processing have been mastered. The diet is supplemented with eggs, poultry meat, river fish and fish from the pond, as well as vegetables and fruits grown on a farm without the use of chemicals.

All organizational issues on the farm are occupied by the permanent resident Taras. Its competence includes providing living conditions for guests, technical issues and caring for animals and land.

In addition to active activities, The Eco-Village is an ideal place for secluded recreation, fishing, biking and hiking, mushroom hunting, picking berries, evening conversations around the campfire.

Applications are accepted all year round. For organizers of regular check-in stays free of charge.

+7 (926) 246-55-24

+7 (985) 997-54-93


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