Экоферма «Нестеровых» предлагает:
Деревянные современные дома оборудованы печью, бойлером и санузлом. В каждом доме есть мебель, кухня с посудой, постельное белье.
Отдых на ферме
Экологически чистая и тихая зона. Территория фермы находится в зоне лесных массивов недалеко от места соединения двух рек. Вокруг лес, луга и поля.
Оздоровительные практики
Для занятий спортом, боевыми практиками, йогой построен спортивный зал и обрудованы открытые площадки. Обеспечен прокат инвентаря.
Для гостей мы готовим здоровую еду, из продуктов, которые выращиваем и производим сами. На ферме есть трапезная и оборудованная кухня
Туристические места
Экоферма «Нестеровых» расположена вблизи известных туристических мест. Остановившись у нас, вы сможете побывать во многих знаменитых городах Золотого Кольца
Русские праздники
Мы знаем и чтим традиции проведения русских народных праздников. Устраиваем веселые гуляния с угощением, песнями и театральными представлениями.
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Cow milk

To ensure a healthy diet of their family and our guests with high-quality dairy products, cows, born in the British island of Jersey, were brought to the Eco-Village «Nesterov». Therefore, the breed is called – Jersey Cattle. It was introduced by the 17th century and is one of the oldest breeds in Britain. The main feature of the milk of Jersey cows is the exceptionally high fat content of milk: 5-6%. Because of this feature, the Jersey cattle breed is also called the "royal" breed. Cows-jerseys are able to graze, not trampling the grass - the real Lady!

About cow's milk:

What is good about milk fat? It contains 20 fatty acids, irreplaceable in nutrition. These substances are easily assimilated due to their shallow teardrop structure. In the fat of milk there are a lot of vitamins D, A, K and E. This fact speaks about the benefits of eating fatty types of milk, so often ignored at the present time.

What is the quality of milk protein? This protein is absorbed by the human body by 95%. It contains rare amino acids that promote metabolism. Methionine is the main fat metabolism. Tryptophan - a synthesizer of hormones of joy. Lysine is involved in hematopoiesis.

In the microflora of milk are important for digestion enzymes and enzymes. Milk is rich in calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium.

On the Eco-Village «Nesterov» cows expanse! They feed exclusively on meadow grasses and hay. That is why the milk is fragrant and soft in taste. High fat content and nutritiousness give the milk velvety and a special warm property.

On our own cheese plant for special Bavarian technology, we produce sour-milk products and cheeses without the use of harmful preservatives and rennet enzymes, which turn cheese from useful into a very harmful product. The method of fermented milking is natural due to natural souring. Sour-milk bacteria in such cheese and fermented milk products make them LIVING and endowed with medicinal properties.

Farm products at all their stages are healthy, as all milk processing processes are natural and animals live and feed in a clean environment.

We offer products from the cow from our visit, as well as we are ready to supply them to all the connoisseurs of healthy food by prior order:

+7 (926) 246-55-24

+7 (985) 997-54-93

e-mail: pavel@art4you.ru

The cost of cow milk::

Cow milk

  1. Milk Liter 100 rub.
  2. Yogurt Litre 150 rub
  3. Сottage cheese Cg 400 rub
  4. Sour cream Litre 400 rub
  5. Soft Cheese Kg 500 rub
  6. Soft Cheese with herbs Kg 450 rub
  7. Condensed milk Liters 300 rub
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