Экоферма «Нестеровых» предлагает:
Деревянные современные дома оборудованы печью, бойлером и санузлом. В каждом доме есть мебель, кухня с посудой, постельное белье.
Отдых на ферме
Экологически чистая и тихая зона. Территория фермы находится в зоне лесных массивов недалеко от места соединения двух рек. Вокруг лес, луга и поля.
Оздоровительные практики
Для занятий спортом, боевыми практиками, йогой построен спортивный зал и обрудованы открытые площадки. Обеспечен прокат инвентаря.
Для гостей мы готовим здоровую еду, из продуктов, которые выращиваем и производим сами. На ферме есть трапезная и оборудованная кухня
Туристические места
Экоферма «Нестеровых» расположена вблизи известных туристических мест. Остановившись у нас, вы сможете побывать во многих знаменитых городах Золотого Кольца
Русские праздники
Мы знаем и чтим традиции проведения русских народных праздников. Устраиваем веселые гуляния с угощением, песнями и театральными представлениями.
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On the Eco-Village «Nesterov» there is a bird's farmstead, where the population, consisting of chickens, guinea fowl, geese and ducks, lives freely. And where the bird is, there are eggs. Because our winged pets are born and live in the most natural conditions, they eat "right" natural food, consume natural vitamins and see sunlight every day, their eggs have valuable properties.

The overall quality of eggs of all poultry is a special ratio of proteins, fats, microelements and vitamins, which allows them to be fully absorbed in the human body. People who follow a diet, those who do not eat meat, fish or dairy products, eggs completely replenish the necessary protein and lecithin, which is the building material for nerve cells. For people who care about their nutrition, and for children, nutritionists recommend using eggs together with onions and tomatoes as breakfast. It is a perfectly balanced food to start the day.

Eggs of guinea fowl are a scarce commodity on store shelves. Growing guinea fowls is not as easy as chickens. But the presence of useful ingredients far surpasses the eggs of chickens. The thick and strong shell of the eggs of guinea fowls (king birds) is very thick, which provides a reliable barrier to undesirable microflora. This same property allows you to store this product for a long time without preservation. Eggs guinea fowl are a dietary product and therefore do not have contraindications for nursing mothers, elderly people, allergic people.

The dietary quality of guinea fowl eggs is taken into account in sports nutrition, weight loss programs, post-operative rehabilitation and after chemotherapy. In boiled form are recommended for young children. Attention! Because of the thick shell, you need to cook twice as long as chicken eggs.

We offer egg dishes to all our guests, as well as we are ready to supply them to all connoisseurs of healthy food by prior order:

+7 (926) 246-55-24

+7 (985) 997-54-93


The cost of eggs:


Chicken eggs 10 pcs. 130 rubles.

Guinea fowl 10 pcs. 200 rubles.

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