The main purpose of the eco-village is the ability to provide a place for sports and health-promoting activities, such as eastern fighting, yoga, etc. You could enjoy a genuine quiet and peace atmosphere due to the location of the eco-village far away from the city's bustle that ensures a great environment to practice meditative activities. It’s a perfect place to regain lost strength and clarity of mind. We also have a separate building on our sites, heated equipped gym of 50 sq / m. It’s a great place to practice yoga at any time of the year.


The mushroom season begins in June. In the nearest forest you can find edible boletus, orange birch boletus and aspen boletus. It would be really impossible for you to leave the forest with an empty mushroom-basket! And the mushrooms are not the only gifts of nature that will delight you here. There are lots of naturally grown strawberries, blueberries and cranberries. You can use the leaves of berries and other aromatic herbs for making tea to enjoy them at a cozy evening time in our Eco-village!

The fishing is the best way for people who are seeking for a quieter holiday. We offer you all necessary fishing gear for disposal at the surrounding rivers with quiet backwaters. The local river is called “Medveditsa” («She-Bear»), which became a favorite place for professional fishermen. According to Russian tradition you can take a Russian Banya (Sauna) in the evening time after a long and busy day to relax your body and mind. So in the morning you will find yourself totally relaxed and feel, how we say, «a sound mind in a sound body»!

Eco-village Nesterov
Tver region, village Petrokovo
Coordinates: 57.303132, 36.690573
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