Enjoy your time in this wonderful place all year round! For those who prefer outdoor activities the Eco-village offers the mountain bike riding through the picturesque forest roads with beautiful scenes of wildlife hearing sounds of birds singing. Eco-village guarantees you clean air and safety, because there are no traffic and cars in the Eco-village area. In summer time country roads provide good trails for active recreation including jogging, forest hiking and mountain bike riding. You also can enjoy swimming and sunbathing in our Eco-village. It’s a perfect place to regain lost strength and clarity of mind and retreat yourself from stress and tension. A key benefit of regular exercise is to increase the self-esteem. During the exercises your body releases chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins are also trigger a positive feeling in the body. That feeling known as a "runner's high" causes positive and energizing outlook on life. In winter the most popular kind of sport is skiing. You can ride through the woods, enjoying the winter forest. The cross-country trails are updated daily. For those who prefer a fast ride with a breeze we offer snowmobiles. It is a great opportunity to see arounds. You can also go skating on the frozen pond.

Eco-village Nesterov
Tver region, village Petrokovo
Coordinates: 57.303132, 36.690573
+7 (926) 246-55-24
+7 (985) 997-54-93