The Eco-Village «Nesterov» is a perfect place for:
Eco Village "Nesterov" has all necessary for comfortable holidays at any time of the year. We offer to come for a week and forget about the bustle of the city and worries.
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Отдых на ферме
To replenish energy and restore the body's biological systems, a person needs sleep, oxygen, moderate physical activity, healthy nutrition and sunlight.
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Оздоровительные практики
Our space is initially oriented to holding seminars, retreats and retreats by oriental practitioners, so we will gladly accept groups of guests who decided to hold their visiting event with us.
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Food is one of the basic conditions of a healthy life. During the rest, each of us has the opportunity to revise our diet and take more consciously to what we eat and how.
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Tourism in the Tver region
The Eco Village "Nesterov" is located near many tourist places. Staying with us, you can visit:
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Русские праздники
We know and honor the tadications of Russian holidays. We arrange traditional festivities with treat.
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Why does the word retreat become more and more heard every year? It turns out that the growth of its popularity is directly proportional to the growth of stressful conditions, depressions, autoimmune diseases.

"Contemplating a truly paradisiacal jungle or swimming with a mask and snorkel over the magnificent coral reefs, I seemed to open the window and saw the striking unity of plants and animals. Their relations with each other and with the environment were filled with the finest dynamic balance. I heard the song of harmony of life - HARMONY !, and not brainless Darwin's rivalry for survival - and finally realized all the wretchedness of academic biological science. " / Bruce Lipton /

Retreat - "solitude", "distance from society", Rus. lit. "Shutter" - the international designation of pastime, dedicated to spiritual practice.

Where is it practiced?

Russian Orthodoxy. Let us mention primordially Russian practitioners - schemes, stolpnik, recluses, monks-hermits, deserters. Sergius of Radonezh, Simeon Stylites, Seraphim of Sarov, Anthony of Caves.

Buddhism. Buddha Gautama introduced the custom of giving time for inner contemplation and silence for three months of monsoon rains. In Zen Buddhism, retreats are called Sesin.

Suffism. In this mystical path of Islam, meditative retreats are an important part of practice. Teacher Ibn Arabi wrote his "Messages of the World" more than 700 years ago, where he describes the practice of retreat as a journey inside himself.

Taoism. In qigong it is believed that complete energy circulation can occur if the tongue is in the upper sky. For this, the term "bridge" is used. When the "bridge is diluted" energy is dissipated. Therefore speech is quite costly activity.

Hinduism and Yoga. Mauna is a sacred silence. Mahatma Gandhi practiced Maun one day a week. I kept silent, read, reflected, wrote.

As a rule, retreats can be effectively conducted in silence in the countryside, in the mountains or in other places remote from civilization. In this case, consciousness is isolated from external information noise, all feelings are immersed inward, self-contemplation, analysis and internal work on reconstruction and optimization of all processes and systems of the organism begin.

"Those who know verbose will not"

What does science say?

Practices of silence and solitude are ancient discoveries that helped people to maintain PARASIMPATIC AWARENESS and the ability to relax.

Why did our "dark" ancestors need it? Now, many mystified knowledge of mankind is scientifically grounded. Many ancient practices had a completely prosaic explanation, based on the reduction of emotional excitement and the transition to the "inhibition" of the nervous processes. This allows the body to move from a state of energy consumption to energy storage.

What's happening?

"The positive side of silence often eludes us from our verbal-oriented field of vision." Sh. Routh

In a stressful state, "Hit or run", the human body is in a mode of mobilization, alertness. Sympathetic nervous system works:

  • Muscle stress. Blood flows to the muscles, depriving other organs of nutrition. Chronic tension makes the muscles thicker and shorter, connective tissue is formed more than necessary. Hence the diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the stagnation of liquids.
  • Increased heart rate. Active and protracted cortisol production triggers autoimmune reactions. The destruction of the tissues of internal organs begins;
  • Enhanced metabolism. Nutrients are wasted;
  • Increased, shallow, unproductive breath. Hyperventilation;
  • Mobilization of the sympathetic nervous system. Nervous exhaustion against the background of constant activation of all processes.
  • Thinking is aimed at protection and survival strategy. Only in a state of relaxation, thinking is capable of creativity and creation.

For balance and recovery, the body triggers the inhibition reactions, i.e. relaxation response. Parasympathetic nervous system enters the game. The more a person exploits the sympathetic nervous system, the more he needs opposing situations: sleep, meditation, procrastination, relaxation, prayer, meditation. And especially "disobedient" in the end covers depression. The brain chooses a protracted inhibition instead of destruction and death.

During scientific experiments, set by Richard Davidson and his colleagues from Wisconsin University, Tibetan monks were asked to enter into a state of conscious empathy. Instruments showed the simultaneous activation of a huge number of neural connections. In this state, the brain sends signals with a frequency of 25-40 oscillations per second, i.e. this is the gamma rhythm. This is proved by the fact that a person is able to consciously change the brain at the physiological level.

According to Bruce Lipton in the cell membrane there are only two kinds of «valves» - HI and H2. These are two patterns of cell behavior. In the first case, alpha receptors include a protective type of cell behavior in a toxic environment, in the second - beta receptors trigger a growth response, a response to the nutrient medium.

Because of that in a state of "hit or run" about any empathy and creative insights there can be no speech. It all boils down to the fact that a person is able to consciously choose which of the two states he is in. Either we beat and run away, or grow and create.

Do you remember the story of the Babylonian pandemonium? In it, the story that, finding languages, people have forgotten how to understand each other without words. Strange as it may seem, but the practice of silence teaches us to listen and hear. Not only yourself, but also others.

All about our retreats

1966 375. (Agni Yoga). «Love the fellowship with silence,» while remembering that silence moves and makes you even where words are powerless. The battery of silence is a powerful fiery force, constantly radiating its energies into the surrounding space. Silence is not idle lazy. It is necessary to re-examine many concepts. If behind the silence lies the rapid flow of creative thought that can fertilize many minds, then such silence will be considered fruitful, moving the evolution of mankind and standing on the service of the Common Good. Silence can be spatially very loud. This is its opposite pole. Know about the great silent. The feat of silence must also be understood, so as not to be any more embarrassed by the silence that so powerfully accumulates forces.»

«Silence is freedom from obsession with progress». K. Whitaker

«Did you notice that love is silence? It happens when you hold the hand of a loved one, when you look lovingly at the child, when you absorb the beauty of the evening. Love has neither past nor future, just as an extraordinary state of silence is outside of time.» «Jeddah Krishnamurti «Bombay talks»


R. Davidson, Sh. Bigley «How emotions control the brain»;

Bruce Lipton «Biology of Faith».

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