The Eco-Village «Nesterov» is a perfect place for:
Eco Village "Nesterov" has all necessary for comfortable holidays at any time of the year. We offer to come for a week and forget about the bustle of the city and worries.
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Отдых на ферме
To replenish energy and restore the body's biological systems, a person needs sleep, oxygen, moderate physical activity, healthy nutrition and sunlight.
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Оздоровительные практики
Our space is initially oriented to holding seminars, retreats and retreats by oriental practitioners, so we will gladly accept groups of guests who decided to hold their visiting event with us.
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Food is one of the basic conditions of a healthy life. During the rest, each of us has the opportunity to revise our diet and take more consciously to what we eat and how.
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Tourism in the Tver region
The Eco Village "Nesterov" is located near many tourist places. Staying with us, you can visit:
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Русские праздники
We know and honor the tadications of Russian holidays. We arrange traditional festivities with treat.
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Tourism in the Tver region

Tourism in the Tver region

Туризм по Тверской области

The Eco Village "Nesterov" is located near many tourist places. Staying with us, you can visit:

  • Tver (90 km),
  • Kashin (66 km),
  • Kalyazin (87 km),
  • Uglich (140 km),
  • Torzhok (160 km),
  • Konakovo (120 km),
  • Myshkin (180 km),
  • Rostov Veliky, Pereslavl-Zalessky and Vyshny Volochke (220 km).

If you like car trips, you can make routes to the historical places of Yaroslavl and Tver area. For example, our guests visit the Golden Ring of Russia and other wonderful Russian cities that blend harmoniously into the surrounding landscape. As a rule, they are located along the banks of rivers and lakes of the middle belt. There are many unique monuments of history and architecture.

Rural ecotourism does not leave indifferent fans of Russian antiquity, as well as historians, artists and photographers. Arriving at the farm, you will see a magnificent combination of beauty and silence, coziness and harmony of native nature.

Tourist places of Tver area

Geographically the Eco-Village «Nesterov» is located near such tourist places as Kashin (66 km), Kalyazin (87 km), Tver (90 km), Konakovo (120 km), Uglich (140 km), Torzhok (160 km), Myshkin (180 km) km), Rostov the Great, Vyshny Volochyok and Pereslavl-Zalessky (220 km).

You can make car routes for picturesque and historical places of Tver and Yaroslavl area, including pearls of the Golden Ring of Russia and wonderful native Russian towns, all without exception standing on the rivers and lakes of the Central Russian strip.

1. Tver:

Church White Trinity. (Troitskaya St., 38).

The church houses one of the main shrines of the Tver land - the relics of the Monk Makarios Kalyazinsky.

Khristorozhdestvensky Monastery (Barrikadnaya Street, 1).

The picturesque Khristorozhdestvensky Monastery is located on the high right bank of the Tymaki River among the city buildings on the place that in olden times was called Gorki.

Tver Botanical Garden (Shevchenko Lane, 16).

The Botanical Garden of Tver State University is the northernmost botanical garden with an exposition of steppe plants, the only one of its kind in the whole Upper Volga.

Imperial Travel Palace (Sovetskaya St., 3).

An architectural monument of the 18th century, built in the style of classicism with baroque elements.

The Saltykov-Shchedrin Museum (Rybatskaya Street, 11/37).

The first museum of the satirical writer in our country was opened for his 150th anniversary in the memorial house in which Saltykov-Shchedrin lived for two years, being on the post of vice-governor of Tver.

Old Volga Bridge

The first permanent bridge across the Volga river to Tver region is one of the most recognizable symbols of the city. This magnificent masterpiece of engineering design was built in 1897-1900 by engineers V. Tochiski and L. Mashek.

Embankment of Stepan Razin

The embankment on the right bank of the Volga river in the center of Tver region is one of the favorite places of rest for the townspeople, where to this day ancient two-storeyed mansions painted in pink and blue color and preserving the color of the provincial merchant city of the 19th century have survived.

2. Konakovo

Konakovo is located at the mouth of the Donhovka River, on the banks of the Ivankovskoye Reservoir. The main sights of the city:

The Earthenware factory is a unique example of industrial architecture. Thanks to him, Konakovo is called the capital of faience.

The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin is a historical monument of the XIV century. The oldest building in the Tver area and the oldest of the temples of Russia, where ancient frescoes of the 15th century were discovered.

The village of Karacharovo is famous for its ancient buildings and healing mineral springs. Gnyaz Gagarin broke the park here after the model of London's Hyde Park.

Konakovo Park is a wonderful park with lush vegetation on the banks of the Volga.

3. Uglich

Uglich is an ancient city at the bend of the Volga river , belongs to the cities of the Golden Ring. It was founded in the 10th century. Uglich witnessed significant events in the history of ancient Russia and a picturesque authentic place for tourism. In Uglich you can find several streets with colorful wooden buildings with lace trims.

Here you can walk and see such attractions: the Uglich Kremlin, the Princely Chambers, the Church of Dimitri "on Blood", the Transfiguration Cathedral, the Bell Tower of the Transfiguration Cathedral, the Uglich Alekseevsky Women's Monastery, the Museum of Urban Life, the Museum of the Library of Russian Vodka, the Museum of Prison art "Closed Zone", Museum of Myths and Superstitions of the Russian People, Olga Pavlycheva Dolls Museum.

4. Torzhok

Torzhok is a cozy town of Russia, a visit of which can be planned together with a trip to Tver, because it is located 60 kilometers from it. It is also easy to get to Vyshny Volochok from Torzhok.

What to see here?

The Borisoglebsky Monastery, the Traveling Palace, the All-Russian Historical and Ethnographic Museum, the Alexander Pushkin Museum, the Helicopter Museum, the Torzhok Gold Stalls Exhibition Hall, the Staro-Voznesenskaya (Tikhvin) Church, the Ilyinsky Church, the Poltoratsky Manor.

5. Myshkin

Myshkin is a small town in the Yaroslavl region on the banks of the Volga, but it is able to surprise tourists. The town retained the atmosphere of pre-revolutionary merchant time.

What can you see in Myshkin?

Pyotr Smirnov vodka museum, Valenok Museum, Uspensky cathedral, Chistov merchant's estate, Doll and puppet miniature gallery, Mouse museum, Upper boulevard, Myshkinsky Samohod Museum, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Miller's House Museum.

6. The Great Rostov

The Great Rostov is the city of the Golden Ring of Russia. It is famous for a large number of ancient architectural monuments and is on the list of historical heritage of Russia. This settlement on the shore of Lake Nero existed already in the IX century.

The Rostov Kremlin is the central element and the main attraction of the city. Built in the second half of the XVII century.

Assumption Cathedral - an ancient shrine of Rostov Architectural monument of the XVI century.

Among the architectural monumentsof Rostov are such objects as: the Resurrection Church The Church of St. John the Theologian, the Church of the Hodegetria, the Church of the Savior on the Saints, the Church of St. Gregory the Theologian, the Metropolitan Garden, the Red Chamber, the Water Tower, the White Chamber, the Cellar House, Samuil Corps, Savior on Torg, Avraamiev Bogoslovsky Monastery, Virgin-Christmas Monastery, 20.The Church of St. Nicholas in the Podozerye, Spaso-Yakovlevsky Monastery, Varnitsky Monastery, etc.

The museum is of interest: Merchant Museum, Princess Frog Museum, Kekin's Gymnasium, Museum of Crafts, Museum of Finift, Museum "Rostov Compound".

7. The Vyshniy Volochyok

Vyshny Volochyok is known from the middle of the fifteenth century as a connecting link between Moscow and Novgorod. The city is called Tver Venice because of the abundance of bridges and connecting channels. Travel here is well connected with a trip to Tver and Torzhok. Here you can see:

Bayshall on Tsna, Canals, Traveling Palace, Transfiguration Church, Shopping arcade, Epiphany Cathedral, Kazan Women's Monastery, Mikhail Serdyukov's Estate, Ilya Repin Academic Dacha, Russian Valenok Museum, Vyshnevolock Reservoir.

8. Pereslavl-Zalessky

Pereslavl-Zalessky is located on the shore of the ancient Pleshcheyevo Lake, which is thirty thousand years old. The city is famous for its monuments of temple and urban architecture and amazing thematic museums.

The Pleshcheyevo Lake is the place of power. On the shore, a blue stone is found, to which pilgrimages are made, hoping to gain strength and health. The lake is also a favorite place for wakeboarders and aeronauts.

Pereslavl Dendrological Garden. S.F. Kharitonov. On 58 hectares of picturesque territory unique plants from several tens of countries are collected

Goritsky Monastery was founded in the 14th century under Ivan Kalita. On its territory are: the Assumption Cathedral (18th century); The Belltower and the Church of the Epiphany (18th century); Church of All Saints (17th century); Refectory Chamber (17th century); Church of St. Nicholas (17th century); The column of the church of Gethsemane (18th century); The Holy Gates, fortress walls and towers (17-18 centuries).

Pereslavl Kremlin with the Cathedral of the Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God and the Church of Alexander Nevsky.

Nikitsky Monastery, Forty-five Church, Sokol Village, etc.

From modern attractions you can visit the Museum of Teapots, Museum of tricks and wit, Museum of irons, Museum of the History of Money, Radio Museum, Museum of Steam Locomotives.

9. Kalyazin

Kalyazin - part of the Golden Ring with the beginning of history in 1775. At the bend of the Volga. During the construction of the reservoir, Kalyazin gained the main attraction - the bell tower from the St. Nicholas Cathedral, which is now somewhat unusually towering above the water.

Kalyazin attractions: Church of the Ascension, Holy Presentation Church, Kalyazin Local Lore Museum, Makarii Kalyazinsky Chapel, Makarii Monument, Park of the former

Cities close to Kalyazin: Uglich (45 minutes by bus "Rybinsk - Moscow" or car) Myshkin (1 h 10 min by bus "Rybinsk - Moscow" or car) Rybinsk (2 hours by bus "Rybinsk - Moscow" or car) Yaroslavl (2 hours 15 minutes by car) Tver (2 hours 30 minutes by car)

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