The Eco-Village «Nesterov» is a perfect place for:
Eco Village "Nesterov" has all necessary for comfortable holidays at any time of the year. We offer to come for a week and forget about the bustle of the city and worries.
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Отдых на ферме
To replenish energy and restore the body's biological systems, a person needs sleep, oxygen, moderate physical activity, healthy nutrition and sunlight.
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Оздоровительные практики
Our space is initially oriented to holding seminars, retreats and retreats by oriental practitioners, so we will gladly accept groups of guests who decided to hold their visiting event with us.
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Food is one of the basic conditions of a healthy life. During the rest, each of us has the opportunity to revise our diet and take more consciously to what we eat and how.
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Tourism in the Tver region
The Eco Village "Nesterov" is located near many tourist places. Staying with us, you can visit:
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Русские праздники
We know and honor the tadications of Russian holidays. We arrange traditional festivities with treat.
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Russian Banya (Sauna)


Cozy Russian Banya is the perfect place to have a rest, relax after sports and strengthen immunity in any season.

There are bath brooms, fragrant herbal teas and broths, herbal bath for healing steam to help purify and rejuvenate the body.

Our bath includes:

  • Spacious steam room made of pine logs, which could include up to 5-6 people.
  • Wash room;
  • Lounge with wooden tables and benches;
  • Herbs and tea-set;
  • Bath accessories: towels, sheets, caps, slippers and brooms;
  • Outdoor recreation area with a table and a barbecue;
  • All diseases will retreat in front of such a relaxing and charming place! In the morning there will be a feeling of vivacity and a surge of strength for new day!

The price of visiting the baths:

For person - 200 RUB;

For private using – 1000 RUB per person, no limits.

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