The farm

There is a small farm in Nesterov’s eco-village, which is able to provide the daily nutrition of healthy food. Eco-organic products are grown and produced on the clean land without using chemicals. We are happy to share with you fresh and healthy food!

Fact number 1 - Production of our organic food is safe for ground and water. There is no risk of soil, ground and water pollution, because no synthetic chemicals are used unlike to agriculture, which uses tons of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

Fact number 2 - Organic food production helps to preserve the local wildlife. By avoiding toxic chemicals and using mixed planting as a natural pest control measure, organic farming restores the local wildlife rather than destroying its resources like conventional agriculture do.

Fact number 3 - Organic food production helps to conserve biodiversity. Natural farming methods used alternative fertilizers instead toxic chemicals. This contributes to conserve biodiversity and safe balance in ecosystem, that helps to prevent the domination of certain types over the others.

Eco-village Nesterov
Tver region, village Petrokovo
Coordinates: 57.303132, 36.690573
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