The Eco-Village «Nesterov» is a perfect place for:
Eco Village "Nesterov" has all necessary for comfortable holidays at any time of the year. We offer to come for a week and forget about the bustle of the city and worries.
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Отдых на ферме
To replenish energy and restore the body's biological systems, a person needs sleep, oxygen, moderate physical activity, healthy nutrition and sunlight.
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Оздоровительные практики
Our space is initially oriented to holding seminars, retreats and retreats by oriental practitioners, so we will gladly accept groups of guests who decided to hold their visiting event with us.
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Food is one of the basic conditions of a healthy life. During the rest, each of us has the opportunity to revise our diet and take more consciously to what we eat and how.
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Tourism in the Tver region
The Eco Village "Nesterov" is located near many tourist places. Staying with us, you can visit:
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Русские праздники
We know and honor the tadications of Russian holidays. We arrange traditional festivities with treat.
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History of Petrakovo village

History of Petrakovo village

History of Petrakovo village

Being on your land, you start to be interested in your history.

How did it all start in Petrakovo village?

"... In Kamenskoye will become old patrimonies ... for the boyar for Prince Ivan Ivanovich Shuisky attached to his estate on the sketch of third-party people, what was this behind the boyar behind Basil Petrovich Morozov, the Ondreevskoe village ... the village of Petrokovo on the river Gorod and on the river on the Luzhanka (2 peasants, 2 Bobyly, 2 empty yards). "

From the census book of 1646 we learn that the Petrakovo village and other wastelands and villages in the neighborhood were "behind the boyar for Ivan Vasilievich Morozov ..."; and in 1678 - "behind Fyodor Tikhonov's son, Zykov's son ...". In the pocketbook of the Bezhetsk voivodship office in 1781, this village was recorded "behind the palace page by Alexander Vassilievich Rimsky-Korsakov ...".

In the XIX century. and the beginning of the 20th century. Petrakovo and the land (after 1861 - in part) poured landlords F.L. and M.F. Solloguby.

In 1859, in the Russian collective the Petrakovo village, 19 households, 128 inhabitants (58 men and 70 women).

In 1887, in the Petrovo village in the Ivanovo Volost of the Andreevsky Parish of Bezhetsky Uyezd, former landlord peasants lived, 33 master households (44 residential and 177 non-residential buildings, 17 wells, 2 ponds), 177 people (70 men and 107 women), there are all Russians. On active duty were 2 people; 20 families had one worker. He was known by 21 men, 8 boys were studying at the Ivanovo Zemstvo school.

55 owners (allotments 56) had 297 dessiatins, including: 169 arable land, 52 hayfields, 66 wood-burning forests, 60 dessiatines grassy swamp. The share of the per capita was 5.3 dessiatines, on average, 11.6 dessiatins per household of the earth. 31 tenant for 81 dessiatins mowing was paying 149 rubles.

There was no redistribution of land. The soil is loamy, sandy loam, silty, subsoil - podzol, clay. There are 30 strips, distant in half a verst ( 1 versta = 1,0668 meters) from the village. Iron harrows were available in half of the farms. The average yield was collected (without seeds): rye - 3, oats - 2, barley - 4, potatoes - 4, flax seed - 2 quater with tithing. Harvested hay from allotment land 6875, with leased - 2080 poods. On a quarter of the manor land, hemp was sown, four masters had 6 apple trees and one grew sprouts of cabbage.

The farms contained 30 horses, 2 foals, 39 cows and bulls, 8 bulls and heifers, 23 calves, 73 sheep, a pig. 16 farms on one, 7 - on two horses. Vygon his.

In 11 families there are seven men and nine women in their area-bakers, shepherds, worked for hire. Out of 17 farms, 24 men in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tver worked as plasterers, stoves, peddlers, watchmen.

The village was to pay today: gentlemen - 7 rubles. Redemption payments for the land allocated for the reform of 1861 year- 229 rubles, zemstvo collections – 36 rubles, secular – 16 rubles, only 288 rubles. The arrears of past years by 1887 amounted to 19 rubles. Compulsory insurance of buildings -62 rubles. Shepherd - 50 rubles.

Believers are attributed to the Trinity Church Andreevsky village. According to her, in 1901year in the Petrokovo village 24 % households, there are 80 men and 99 women parishioners , were still military men - 12 men and 19 women. Patronal feast - Christmas of the honorable glorious Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist of the Lord John, in the people-Ivanov day (July 7).

In the 10-20s the peasants of the village engaged in farming and livestock farming on their land plots, as well as on the land of the landowning landowner. Own sites were small, significant rented for use or for working off and a monetary payment. Worked on, hiring in shepherds and for seasonal work, as well as in the fishing industry in cities where they worked as stove-makers, peddlers, plasterers, watchmen. These people, arriving in 1917 in the village, told the countrymen about the revolutionary events and the changes that were taking place. Most of the villagers voted in the elections in various councils and committees for the Bolsheviks, as they talked about improving the life of the peasants.

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"People have gone so far from nature that they began to call it wild ..."

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