The Eco-Village «Nesterov» is a perfect place for:
Eco Village "Nesterov" has all necessary for comfortable holidays at any time of the year. We offer to come for a week and forget about the bustle of the city and worries.
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Отдых на ферме
To replenish energy and restore the body's biological systems, a person needs sleep, oxygen, moderate physical activity, healthy nutrition and sunlight.
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Оздоровительные практики
Our space is initially oriented to holding seminars, retreats and retreats by oriental practitioners, so we will gladly accept groups of guests who decided to hold their visiting event with us.
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Food is one of the basic conditions of a healthy life. During the rest, each of us has the opportunity to revise our diet and take more consciously to what we eat and how.
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Tourism in the Tver region
The Eco Village "Nesterov" is located near many tourist places. Staying with us, you can visit:
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Русские праздники
We know and honor the tadications of Russian holidays. We arrange traditional festivities with treat.
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Cross-country routes

Беговые маршруты

The use of jogging has long been proven. This training of the cardiovascular system, muscles and tendons, as well as excellent prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and colds.

Summer country roads in the vicinity of the Eco-Village «Nesterov» are good for fans of outdoor activities. Running along the forest paths and hiking will help you to find cheerfulness and enjoy clean air.

Running through the artificial and hard covers of city streets full of exhaust gases is not one of 100% useful sports. It is another matter to go over the elastic earth, inhaling the air saturated with oxygen and phytoncides! Several such runs in the pine forest will create the opportunity to get rid of chronic respiratory diseases.

Running along the forest line or along the field along the ripening grasses and fragrant grasses is a rare pleasure! The foot is favorably amortized on a soft supple soil, a natural foot massage takes place, where important reflex zones are located. While running, the brain is saturated with blood, small blood vessels are cleared, consciousness becomes clear, a sense of freedom and lightness comes. You feel freer and easier. Endorphins, hormones of joy, are released into the blood intensively and promote the appearance of "wings" behind them.

For those who like jogging in the forest, there are a few tips:

  • Clothing. It is better to bring sports clothes from natural fabrics or with a microfiber. It is better to prefer clothes that you do not mind getting dirty.
  • Shoes. Modern track sneakers are the best choice. But if they are not, then it is better to choose shoes with a soft, but not thin sole. A slight sensation of pebbles and roots is very useful for the foot, but should not be painful.
  • Water. Take with you a comfortable small bottle of water.
  • Spray from insects. In the forest, it is natural to meet its original inhabitants: mosquitoes and ticks.
  • Electronic navigators with GPS. If you are not good at the forest, it is better to use these devices.
  • Study the path in advance. Before the start of jogging, walk along the path on foot, so that during the race there were no unpleasant surprises.
  • Run in a slow rhythm. Running in the forest is different from running in the city. Count on your strength.
  • Choose a hilly terrain. This is useful for muscles.
  • Be careful, during the run visually evaluate the path a few steps forward. If vision is not important, take care of glasses or lenses. During sunny days, wear sunglasses.

After jogging in the fresh air, healthy food, water procedures, a quiet, measured rest, you will return to work as new.

Applications are accepted year-round. For organizers of regular check-in stays free of charge.

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